The data we use is non-identifiable and non-sensitive, and we never give direct
access to raw data, rather we provide insight, build tools and aggregate data.

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Bring your data to life

PharmaSIM allows you and fellow users to simulate your data to bring it to life visually, interactively and powerfully!

Simulation adds time as a variable to make data dynamic. It can contain multiple scenarios and offer pseudo-randomised results that vary slightly each time within predefined boundaries. Instead of using slidedecks and spreadsheets where your data is static, simulation allows users to ‘play’ with the data, learn from the model, envisage what it means specifically for them and bring the argument to life. It is the next generation of payer conversation empowering you to make cases for change far more compelling than presenting numbers and graphs.

Imagine you could now:

  • visually model any scenario, from departments to pathways to entire health economies
  • transform any kind of data model, from budget impact models to cost effectiveness analyses to cost calculators to resource allocators
  • feed the model with your own validated, ‘real world’ data
  • then simulate how the static data interacts with the model over time
  • and even make changes ‘on the fly’
  • to prove a compelling case for change and prototype potential solutions
  • so payers and decision makers can be convinced of the need to act

If you need to bring real world data to life to generate change, PharmaSIM is the ultimate solution.