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Dalton Review: Bringing NHS and Industry closer?

18-12-2014 Hits:881 Healthcare

The Dalton Review makes the case for more private sector involvement in the NHS Written by Jilani Gulam, CEO, Health iQ Sir David Dalton’s Review “Examining new options and opportunities for providers...

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Rebeka Morley wins PM Society Account Manager Gold Award!

10-10-2014 Hits:2351 Pharma

Congratulations! Congratulations to our Key Account Manager, Rebeka Morley, who took home the Gold award for the Digital Project/Account Manager Award at the 2014 PM Society Digital Media Awards.  The Winner A few...

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Intelligence-led Approaches to Medicines Optimisation

26-11-2013 Hits:6494 Pharma

Medicines optimisation is a term we’ve heard being used for a long time now but are we in healthcare really any closer to being able to deliver on it than...

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EasyRota wins QIPP Award!

23-07-2013 Hits:9434 EasyRota

EasyRota, the easy access rota and clinic management tool with live PAS data feeds,  developed by Health iQ was awarded first prize at The Aylward QIPP Awards’ presentation on 10th...

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How should the NHS deal with rising locum costs?

15-05-2013 Hits:52193 Healthcare

Recently there were a series of high profile articles and media interviews on the rising costs for NHS Trusts of Lucum doctors and other medical professionals. The Daily Telegraph ran...

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Mid-Staffordshire and the role of data in improving patient care

13-03-2013 Hits:22315 Healthcare

As the fallout from the mid-staff saga continues, we must take a step back and question how this was allowed to happen, and what this can tell us about how...

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Health iQ partner with Apple to support NHS

13-03-2013 Hits:25038 Healthcare

Health iQ have combined their renowned expertise for delivering technology solutions to the healthcare market with Apple, the leading provider of mobile and desktop computers, to form a partnership aimed...

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Prevention is better than cure

18-01-2013 Hits:42683 Healthcare

Why the NHS must encourage and enable patients to change their lifestyles The NHS is facing multiple challenges. The Nicholson QIPP challenge of finding £20 billion in efficiency savings while maintaining...

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Telehealth 2012

18-01-2013 Hits:12446 Healthcare

A recent government strategy demonstrates the most receptive environment yet to help better patient case and service delivery using Telemedicine In December 2011, David Cameron launched the government’s Life Sciences Strategy....

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